Nick Name: The Purple Sky

Element: Wind (Activate mind, better decision making, reduce stress)

Amethyst crystal has been one of the most sought after healing stone and a must have mineral. Amethyst rocks are best used for clearing restlessness and negative thoughts, easing mental stress and tension. Amethyst healing properties are especially useful to remove work related stress. Healing properties of amethyst also include clearing thinking, peace of mind which leads to better decisions and helps in manifesting abundance. Amethyst healing crystal has been used for protection of your own energy field and Amethyst geodes or clusters can be used to protect the energy of home and office spaces.
Amethyst is originated/found in as many places as Brazil, Bolivia, Mexico, Africa, Canada, Russia, USA, Europe and India. Amethyst healing stone is the birthstone for February, and is known as the Zodiac stone for pisces.
“Striving for peace doesn’t bring peace. It brings unrest. Only peace brings peace.” – Reikibytanvi

Amethyst Metaphysical Properties

Dionysus, the Greek god of wine, was in a bad mood because a mortal had just insulted him. To get back the mortals he swore that he would kill the next mortal who would come across his path. He then set a type of trap using tigers to do his dirty work.
The mortal was a beautiful young woman who was walking by in order to pay tribute to the goddess Diana. Diana didn’t have much time to spare the young woman’s life, so she quickly turned her into a statue of pure crystalline quartz. This would protect her from the tigers, but unfortunately she was now a quartz statue.
When Dionysus saw what he had done, he was overcome with tears. He wept tears of wine. He wept and wept. His tears streamed all over the quartz statue. The quartz statue was now purple. The young woman’s name was Amethystos.
All amethyst is said to have originated from the statue of Amethystos. Because of the association with Dionysus, amethyst is said to protect the wearer from drunkenness. The word amethyst translates into “Not Drunk”.

How/Where to use Amethyst
Many people use amethyst for decoration purposes at their home or offices, however the stone can have metaphysical benefits if it is placed in the right place. Amethyst placed in a living room can assist in family bonding, amethyst placed in bedroom helps in good night sleep and peaceful dreams. Amethyst placed at work place helps in better decision making.
Meditating with amethyst will help you to connect to the universe. Hold a piece of amethyst in your hand and feel the soft and gentle energy on amethyst going inside your body. Amethyst also help to invoke purple/violet flame. Amethyst healing properties helps in boosting confidence and its metaphysical properties include state of clarity.

Cleansing your Amethyst Stone
After you worked with your amethyst stone, wash you stone in running water or put the stone in a bowl of clean water for 1-2 hours. After that place the stone in moonlight overnight. Early in the morning you have a clean amethyst stone which can be used again by charging. For charging your stone you can use reiki symbols or chanting mantras into the stone. For more information feel free to get in touch with us.