Astralite Moissanite

Moissanite is the name given to naturally occurring silicon carbide and to its various crystalline polymorphs. It has the chemical formula SiC and is a rare mineral.

Astralite-Moissanite – a stone for dreamers

Also known as Carborundum which is a compound of silicon and carbon. It is a lab made cluster, which is also found very rarely in nature as Moissanite. A very fragile mineral, it should be handled with care.

It is beautifully iridescent, and as the name suggests, you can literally see the stars in the formation. It connects you to the stars, the galaxies, the universe. A very powerful stone for those who like to astral travel and lucid dream, it has the added benefit of providing safety while doing so. It can take you on a ride of your lifetime, and make sure you return back. It can also help you find specific places in the universe, where you might find your answers, operating almost like a map to the universe. It is a stone for dreamers and those who look to the stars & astrology for answers.

It ignites the magical energy around you, encouraging expression and self-awareness of your creative energy. And once you know how to take its help, it can well lead you on a road to transformation. As the ancients say: The universe is inside you. You are the universe. The journey is within….


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