Crystal | Crystal card for the day | 05 April | Pietersite

Also known as the tempest stone, pietersite helps to create change in life. It is good for shamanic journeys and helps to raise your consciousness. It stimulates you to do what brings change in your life, giving you inner guidance. It connects your heart chakra to the solar plexus chakra, giving confidence to be who you truly are. It attracts good luck, wealth and prosperity if kept in a home or work space. It helps removing emotional blockages that prevent you from loving and being loved. Meditating with this stone helps create what you wish to through dreams. It gives clarity of thought and makes the wearer trustworthy, responsible and sincere. #knowyourcrystals #tempeststone#raiseconsciousness #innerguidance #confidence #clarityofthought#buycrystalsingurgaon #delhi

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