Flourite – green


A stunner from crystal realm is Green Fluorite which promotes self love. It is also known as balancing stone as brings intrinsic balance in one’s life. It deals with the Heart Chakra.

– its ruling planet is Mercury and ruling element is Air & Water

– brings spring like freshness to all chakras after cleaning them

– assists in clear thinking and clears confusion & cluttered thoughts

– it harmonizes both hemispheres of brain and balance its chemistry

– enables release of emotional trauma and outworn conditioning

– frees one from slavery of addictions which are harmful

– harmonizes mind with heart

– makes sure that one’s thoughts and actions should be in alignment

-helps one to maintain discipline in health and fitness plan

– remarkable stone for analysts, accountants, designers, processors and programmers

– dispels illusions and rigid thinking to reveal the truth

– physically it cures dizziness, vertigo ,strengthen immune system, bones & teeth, reduces pains of arthritis, rheumatism, out and bone related injury

– it is found in UK, USA and South Africa

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