Green Apophyllite

Green Apophylite – Higher heart consciousness

Do you make decisions based on your head or your heart? This transparent pale green stone seems to embody the energy of both. Aligning our heart to higher consciousness, cleansing and opening it for higher heart wisdom. It helps us to see the bigger picture, the reason behind not just our emotions, but the pain and suffering in the world. It is thus excellent to meditate upon, to seek answers to everything…ranging from everyday emotions to meaning of life. And by filling our with love and wisdom, it helps to relieve our stress and anxiety

Naturally, it will also help us connect us to earth energies, nature, and all who we share this beautiful home with. Green apophylite opens a psychic channel, which can be used for communications with plant, animal, fairy and elemental energy.

Physically, it aids allergic asthma, by placing on chest. Green Apophyllite also aids in degenerative disease and diseases of the tissues, and removing toxins from our body, both physical and emotional.

It is the birthstone for Gemini and Libra. Found mainly in India.

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