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Bring to the world living species which have always been part of humans life and silently helping humans survive on this planet.


Use of crystals in every individuals life. To present the importance of crystals in today’s stressful life. To solve or reduce any existing diseases in individual’s life.

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Customer contentment is my key goal. We pledge:
  1. All crystals will be natural samples – no replicas, no dyes.
  2. Photographs will accurately show each item – no enhancement or retouching faults.
  3. Mineral species and localities will be listed, if possible.
  4. Returns are accepted. No questions asked, no explanation necessary.
  5. We will continue to freely share information with others and contribute to the study of minerals.
  6. Particular item pictured on the site will be shipped – no substitutes.
  7. Each mineral will be individually wrapped and carefully packaged to prevent damage during shipping.
  8. All client information will be kept private and never shared or sold.