A tektite, a meteorite also known as The Holy Grail Stone is Moldavite which has different shades of green. It is also known as a celestial stone of transformation. This rock has dark inclusions within it. It deals mainly with Heart Chakra and somewhere it resonate with in Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra too.

– its ruling planet is Uranus and ruling element is Fire

– gives healers psychic protection against negative entities and spirits(if they work with them)

– a powerful catalyst for making changes in personal relationships

– helps in stimulating Kundalini arousal

-helps one to release old, intense, painful thoughts

– best known to stimulate occurences of coincidence & synchronity in one’s life

– calms down worries about money by providing solutions not previously considered

– it provides sensitivity to intuition and telepathy

– physically it heals issues related to fertility, hair loss and promotes new cell growth

– it is found only in Moldavia region of Czech Republic

* it is associated with STAR card of Major Arcana of Tarot cards

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