A black beauty from crystal milieu is a natural volcanic glass also known as Glass Agate. A stone of truth and manifestations is best for grounding oneself. It mainly goes with Root Chakra and to an extent with Third Eye Chakra too.

– its ruling planet is Pluto and Saturn where as its ruling element is Earth and Fire

– helps one to cut attachment cords either from this lifetime or past and heals trauma which is still present in life

-deflects draining energies and encourages everyone subconsciously to heal themselves instead of tapping other’s energies

– excellent stone to heal issues related to ancestral lineage

– shamans use it to contact spirit world since ages

– helpful in reducing food cravings

– physically it heals enlarged prostrate hardened arteries arthritis bacterial and viral infections and enhances Vitamin C&D level

– it is mainly found in Mexico, North America, Armenia, Turkey, Italy, Greece and Scotland

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