A delicate and fragile transparent to translucent yellowish green beauty from crystal world is Prehnite also known as New Jade.

– It is associated with Heart Chakra and Solar Plexus and to some extent it works greatly with Third Eye Chakra
– its ruling planet is Mars and ruling element is Earth and Fire
– A stone of unconditional love: it encourages forgiveness and acceptance
– It is a powerful stone for dreams as well as for visualization and astral projections.
– Prehnite is said to “heal the Healer”
– Beneficial for hyperactive kids to level their energy.
– Known as a stone of prophecy it enhances reader’s intuitions during tarot and crystal ball gazing sessions. Used by shamans for centuries.
– It helps in releasing claustrophobic fears
– Helps to re-instate and strengthen our boundaries, and say “no” to unreasonable requests
– Physically it cures gout, glands, kidney disorders, Thymus gland and relieves shoulder and chest pains

– It is found in China, South Africa, Australia, Canada, Scotland and Germany

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