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***GREEN AVENTURINE*** A translucent sparkling rock from crystal family is Green Aventurine. It is also known as stone of opportunity, luckiest of all crystals in manifesting prosperity and wealth. It deals with the Heart Chakra. – Its ruling plant is Mercury and ruling element is Air – gives winning energy to boast one’s chances in any situation that can be a first date, taxes audit or even a promotion enhances the ability to embrace change, creativity, motivation and encourages perseverance in maneuvering life’s obstacles – excellent stone for gridding houses or garden against geopathic stress – absorbs electromagnetic smog and guards against environmental pollutions -stimulates physical growth of premature infants, young kids and teenagers – calm down the hyperactive kids and helps them to cope up with all the activities whether mental or physical – sooth brutal and quick tempers and diminise the effects of domestic strife between spouses – encourages love in mature years of life – helps one to release un healthy relations – It is found in India

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