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***ORANGE AVENTURINE*** A stunning stone from crystal world is Orange Aventurine. It is also known as a stone of good luck and fortune as its energies make sure to bring in all what has been manifested. It deals mainly with the Sacral Chakra and also with Root & Solar Plexus Chkara. – its ruling planet is Venus and ruling element is Earth – as a whisper stone it quitens one’s critical & judgmental voice – great stone while dealing with self worth issues – great manfestor of exciting new possibilities – clears blockages between Third Eye and Sacral Chakra – helps one to get aligned with higher vibrations – it amplifies determination creativity confidence and exceptionally useful in the workplace – guides one towards healing from sexual trauma – best stone for property dealers while dealing their business matters – physically it eases skin eruptions, allergies, gives anti inflammatory effect, strengthens reproductive system, alleviates nausea and addresses sexual issues – it is found in India, Brazil, China and Russia

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