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A beautiful shining yellow rock of crystal world is Yellow Aventurine. It is also known as a stone of good luck as it creates such energies to get the work done. It deals mainly with the Solar Plexus Chakra and Sacral Chakra. – its ruling plant is Mars and ruling element is Earth – excellent stone to aid one to manifest an increase in money – this stone aids one to better use of one’s personal power – it enhances creativity – it hasstrong ability to amplify energy – helps one to come out of one’s ego issues – helps one to overcome any feeling of problems with power and control over one’s life – helps one in overcoming from sensitivity and indesiciveness – balances male and female energy – protects against electromagnetic and environmental pollution – physically it cures intestinal disorders, hepatitis, spleen functioning, gastrointitis pancreas, sinus and allergies – Its is found in India, Russia, China and Brazil

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