Quartz – Enhydro

These are Single & Double Terminated Clear Quartz “Enhydro’s” from Tibet. The term “Enhydro” means there is fluid, gas or carbon bubbles within the crystal. The fluid can be very old and more than likely very pure.

These “bubbles” were formed millions of years ago when the Quartz was originally formed and they are quite rare to find. Enhydros can be found in other types of Quartz, Amethyst and other crystals, but there is a special pocket of Enhydro crystals that formed in Tibet along side the double terminated Tibetan Quartz Crystals that we also sell. They have formed in such quantities, that they are sometimes available for sale in enough quantity to resell and we found a nice flat of them in Tucson. We are excited to be able to offer Enhydro Quartz on our website as they vibration and formations are just amazing!

Enhydro Crystals can be an excellent tool for relationship work. Utilize this crystal to enhance empathy towards another, enabling the knowledge of the other person’s perspective, and helping progress to occur in the relationship.

Since water is the element that is symbolic of emotions, working with the Enhydro Crystal can help one to achieve significant growth in this area. When doing any emotional work, it is important to understand that emotions can be a guidance system to help us navigate through our lives into a desired direction. When emotions are particularly unpleasant, one must recognize them to be a sign that we are on the wrong track.

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