Spinel – pink

Spinel comes from the Latin word, “spina”, which means “spine” and describes the sharp, needle-like formations that create Spinel crystals.

Pink Spinel offers gentle energy renewal, and is useful to those suffering from chronic conditions and fatigue. Protective in a quiet, gentle way, Pink Spinel can be used as a Talisman to carry the love of the giver. This makes Pink Spinel a great stone for long-distance relationships or times when couples cannot physically be together. Sometimes called the “Fairy Godmother” stone, Pink Spinel is also a good gift for children, holding the continuing love and protection of the giver.

In general, Spinel is a stone of calm and renewal. Offering encouragement in difficult situations, Spinel can help ease a situational crisis, such as a job change or a divorce. Spinel lowers stress and anxiety, and physically reduces inflammation.

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