Beautiful violet-purple Sugilite, also called Luvulite, is a major spiritual stone, promoting individual as well as universal love. Sugilite is said to aid in understanding the “big questions” in life. Especially helpful for those who feel alienated and alone, Sugilite allows the user to understand the purpose for their existence, and the reason for their life lessons. Sugilite helps to promote self forgiveness and acceptance.

Sugilite can help one to release anger and rage, helping one to recognize struggles as necessary for ones growth. Great for dreamwork, Sugilite can be held during sleep to help release nightmares, bringing one to a truly restful, regenerative sleep state. Especially good for those who are empathic, Sugilite can offer energetic protection from outside negative energies. Meditating with Sugilite can help to pull in higher vibrations, and bring them into the earth’s energy field.

Known as the healer’s stone, Sugilite is said to enhance one’s healing and psychic abilities. Sugilite is also believed by some to lesson learning disabilities like dyslexia, and to help with more serious disorders such as Schizophrenia and Autism.

Physically, Sugilite aids with addictions and eating disorders. Sugilite is a wonderful companion to keep near when dealing with headaches, migraines or any type of pain issues. Sugilite is a great piece to keep in your collection, as it will help the body to heal and repair itself.

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